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Monday, January 15, 2007

One long weekend- 2 movies

I've had 3 days off from work and its been too cold to ski. I've also not been able to shake the head cold from hell so skiing just wasn't in my schedule, no matter how much I might have wanted to. It has been cold here this weekend, no more than 20 degrees here in the valley when the sun's shining and much closer to 0 degrees at night.

Instead the BSU and I saw a couple movies. Friday night it was Dreamgirls, which has already tonight won 2 Golden Globe awards. I hope it wins more before the night's over because it really is a dynamite movie. It is a period piece from the 60s through the 80s, loosely based on Diana Ross and the Supremes, with all the stylish hair and dresses and dance steps that the Supremes made so popular during their reign. If you liked Ray or Walk the Line then you might like Dreamgirls for the same fun of a period piece full of great music and drama.

Tonight we went to see The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. It is a touching story, apparently mostly true, about a single dad struggling through homelessness while working his unpaid way through an internship with a big stock trading firm. The story takes place in San Francisco and the 1980s, so it has a gritty quality in the filming but overall all, its a great movie. It even made the BSU tear up a little bit. Will Smith does a dandy job and the 2nd character, his son, is really his son, so the chemistry between them is obvious and fun.

So that's it for my weekend, 2 good movies that I would recommend for everyone. Except for a bit of putzing on the motorcycle that's about all I've done.

I have got to shake out this head cold!

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